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Welcome to Desert Valley Chiropractic

Our goal is to help improve our patient’s quality of life through Chiropractic adjustments. Our adjustments are gentle and do not involve any twisting or cracking of the joint. We will work closely with you to improve your health and help you understand your condition. Your lifestyle, schedule, and treatment goals will be respectfully considered in our effort to restore you to happier, healthier living. We welcome all patients including those suffering with difficult conditions which have not responded to traditional treatment or medications. Give us the opportunity to show you how much better you can feel.

Hours of Operation
Monday 9-1, 3-5:30
Tuesday 3-5:30
Wednesday 9-1, 3-5:30
Thursday 9-1, 3-5:30
Friday 9-1

Gentle, Quality, Caring Service

  • Gentle Activator chiropractic care
  • No twisting, cracking or popping of the joints.
  • In network with most major insurance plans
  • No out of pocket expenses for auto accidents
  • No out of pocket expenses for work related injuries
  • Medical or X-ray referrals if needed
  • Same day appointments available 
  • Great results

Why should I go to a chiropractor?

  • Are you suffering from lower back pain? Or, do your headaches never seem to go away?
  • Have you been injured at work or in a car accident and are having trouble dealing with the pain?
  • Are you active in sports, but after the game have stiff joints and shooting pains?
  • Are you pregnant with an aching back?
  • Are you in your Golden years and having trouble enjoying retirement because those aches and pains are getting in the way?
  • Are you concerned with the health of your whole body, and are looking for a different approach to health care?
  • Are you concerned with your newborn's or child's long term well being and growth?
  • Are you frustrated with a chronic condition for which you have only gotten temporary relief?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact our office.

Desert Valley Chiropractic
720 E. Thunderbird Rd. #1
(NE corner of 7th St and Thunderbird)
Phoenix, AZ 85022


David and Katherine, the husband and wife team that makes up Desert Valley Chiropractic epitomize everything that is great about a good chiropractor. My wife and I frequent their office with our four children. They are professional, friendly and go above and beyond to show they care. As for their adjusting ability, their goal is to get your body so you only need maintenance adjustments. THEY ARE GOOD! How much do I trust them? They have adjusted my youngest son since he was an infant! With our regular visits, my oldest's bed wetting is helped out greatly, we have escaped ear infections, and my own frequent headaches are taken care of! I trust my children with Dave and Katherine, you can trust them with your back!‎
Jason D.



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