Dr. David Iacuone, D.C.

When I was 13 years old I experienced lower back pain that prevented me from playing hockey. I was young and active and did not want to miss a single game, so my mother took me to her chiropractor. Dr. Mckay was a great Activator Methods chiropractor who gave me all the confidence that he could help me and I would get back on the ice without pain. He discussed with me what was wrong, and explained how he could help. He then gave me my first chiropractic adjustment. It was a great experience! I left that office with less pain, an understanding of my condition, and an inspiration, I wanted to be a Chiropractor! So from the age of thirteen on I have been perusing my dream of becoming a chiropractor and helping people the way I was helped by chiropractic.

The pursuit of my goal led me from Calgary, Canada to the U.S. where I started Chiropractic College. Early in my career I recognized that, like myself, many of my patients responded better to activator adjustments. I have focused my career on being an activator doctor and giving my patients the same high quality care and adjustments that I was given. I work closely with my patients to ensure they understand their conditions and treatments. After years of experience the foundation I base my practice on is providing excellent adjustments, a solid understanding of the treatments I provide, and a strong relationship with my patients. 

Dr. Dave is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. As a student clinician he became heavily involved with the technique attending many seminars including the annual instructors seminar. He has been a clinical instructor for Activator Methods international seminars. Dr. Dave has practiced in Texas City, TX where he focused on personal injury cases and in Phoenix, AZ where he has practiced in private practice at the Activator Health Center as well as at the Phoenix V.A.

Dr. Dave currently resides in Phoenix with his wife Dr. Katherine Iacuone and their one daughter.