Dr. Katherine Iacuone, D.C.

After a car accident left me with chronic neck and back pain I was treated with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication but got no significant relief. I was in my early twenties with chronic neck pain! My frustration was becoming greater and greater every day. Finally, my then boyfriend and now husband referred me to his chiropractor and it was a great experience! I finally found someone who took all the time necessary to uncover the underlying causes of my pain and then put together a specific and personal program just for me. Within weeks I had something I had almost forgotten about, a pain free body! 

A few years later I made the decision to return to school and become a chiropractor. As a student clinician I recognized that, like myself, many of my patients responded better to activator adjustments. I have focused my career on being an activator doctor and giving my patients the same high quality adjustments that I was given. As I began my career I watched many other patients struggle with the same things I had dealt with: chronic pain, numerous treatments and few results.  I dedicated my clinic to helping my patients achieve the same restored health I had found with chiropractic care. By working closely with my patients to improve their health and help them understand their conditions they found themselves restored to happier healthier living.  After years of experience the foundation I base my practice on is providing excellent adjustments, a solid understanding of the treatments I provide, and a strong relationship with my patients.

Dr. Katherine Iacuone is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, TX. She is an advanced certified Activator Methods doctor. Dr. Katherine has practiced in the Phoenix area since 2006, focusing on activator adjusting, exercise and rehab, and nutrition. Dr. Katherine currently resides in Phoenix with her Husband Dr. David Iacuone and their one daughter.