The Life Changing Magic Of Chiropractic Care!

by Feb 10, 2022


The Life Changing Magic Of Chiropractic Care!

February is when all our thoughts turn to love….. so naturally I thought I would talk about what we at Desert Valley Chiropractic  love the most. Chiropractic!

I know we talk a lot at Desert Valley Chiropractic about the benefits of chiropractic on pain levels and joint function. One of the tag lines I have used since we opened the office is “chiropractic keeps you moving” and I believe wholeheartedly that motion equals life. The reduction of pain and improvement of function is no small thing. I have seen many peoples lives completely restored by having years of pain reduced or completely healed by what we do. One of my goals is to help as many families in our north Phoenix, Moon Valley and greater Phoenix area experience the difference a gentle activator adjustment can make!  BUT this month I wanted to talk more about the wellness and vitality part of chiropractic.

Chiropractic is an amazing whole-body treatment benefiting every muscle, organ and gland in your body via the nervous system.
How are we doing that you ask?

 Well, every time we adjust, we are aligning the joint we are working on. This restores function and motion to the joint.  The adjustment puts motion back into the segment allowing it to move in its correct lines it also reduces the inflammation and swelling surrounding the nerve root. These nerve roots head out to every muscle, organ and gland in the body. Think of the spine and nerve roots as the fuse box of the body. The adjustment flips the breaker!

Now for the next neat bit!  Those muscles organs and glands, they feed signals BACK to the nerve roots, spinal cord and brain. So inflammation at either point the organs, glands, muscles AND OR at the nerve roots and joints in the spine creates an irritation at that root level in the nervous system. Chiropractic is the intervention to that cycle. By reducing that inflammation at the joint and nerve root we are calming the signals fed out and back to the cord and brain. This calms and heals the area. This is how and why chiropractic patients often report less illnesses, less hospitalization, less need for medications, improvements in stomach and reproductive disorders. Improved sleep which alone allows the whole body the vital time to repair that it needs! We often see Reduced bed wetting and ear infections in children. Chiropractic care is like life changing magic via your spine and nervous system!


Something I find very sad is that Chiropractic is only utilized by approximately 10% of the population. We ALL know someone who could benefit from this amazing healing treatment but doesn’t know it yet! They have no idea what a chiropractor does. They are afraid. They’ve  been told it is not “scientific”. They do not  “believe in it”. They had one bad experience. Share with them how chiropractic can help, why it is not scary and how choices like Activator are gentle safe and effective and backed by research. Let them know chiropractic is like every other profession some are a good fit for you and some are not, try it again. Remind them good science is the willingness to question, experiment, investigate and then make your conclusion! As for the “believing in it “thing please tell them I am very much real and they can come and meet me any time!



Dr. Katherine

Dr. Katherine Iacuone

Dr. Katherine Iacuone practices chiropractic and co owns Desert Valley Chiropractic in the beautiful North Phoenix neighborhood of Moon Valley with her husband Dr. David Iacuone. Desert Valley is an award-winning practice with multiyear “Best of The Valley”  for best chiropractic clinic awards. Dr. Katherine Iacuone has won the “Three Best”  best chiropractor award multiple times and Dr. David Iacuone is listed as a Who’s Who “Top Doctor” of chiropractic. The practice is accepting new patients.

To make an appointment call us at 602-439-1515 or reach out through the contact submission on our website at Desert Valley Chiropractic.

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