What the HECK is a Biohacker? And should I be doing it?

by Jan 15, 2022


Biohacking What Is It?

Various definitions and practices exist some I agree with and some I don’t. We will use the concept of “hacking your biology to increase wellness , vitality , mental acuity and longevity”. Among the most famous are Tony Robbins and Dave Aspry both follow a healthy wellness routine I can mostly agree with and relate to. However, my favorite bio hacker was a farmer named Jack Gray who also happened to be my grandfather. Although not famous he was a bit notorious amongst family and his community for his wellness “projects and advice!” He regularly saw chiropractors, acupuncturists and reflexologists. He had been part of a chelation study; he ate good food much of which had come from his own land and community. He swore by olive oil, garlic, and apple cider vinegar as his favorite remedies long before they were on the radar of mainstream wellness. He wore copper bracelets and had magnetic insteps. He even had dappled a bit in CBD and medical marijuana! Most importantly he approached his health with a willingness to experiment and an attitude of empowerment over his own health not just a passenger in the traditional medical model. This is my desire for our patients, to not just feel and be passive in your health journey but to be an empowered and informed patient.

We need modern medicine, it is good, but we do not have to just be a passenger on the ship. We can sensibly research our own options and conditions. I am a huge advocate of working with naturopathic doctors, functional medicine providers and chiropractors to dig deeper into your medical diagnoses, (please do not just rely on the internet!)  These people have devoted their careers and decades of learning outside of the influences of the pure medical model to learn about health, biology, and vitality from a different and wholistic view.  My goal here as your chiropractor is to introduce you to a few simple, effective, ideas that I use and, a few new ones I want to try myself, that I feel can increase your vitality, wellness and maybe just prolong your life. As well as helping you feel a sense of empowerment over your health and vitality. We will discuss at least one topic here each month under the umbrella of “biohacking”.

And how you ask did Papa Jacks “bio hacking” work out? Well, he lived to be 95 in his own home on his own farm with my grandmother, who also lived to just under 95. He had healed ventricular damage to his heart muscle far past what is considered “the norm” and well out lived the prognosis of his damage much to the marvel of his medical team. He still drove, better than many people I see today. His cognitive abilities were completely intact, his long and short term recall was excellent. He stood six feet tall with no stoop to his posture or walking aids until the day he died. He had hardly any symptoms of arthritis despite a long life of farming. He enjoyed his life and his family for nine and a half decades! He had a sense of empowerment over his health that he passed down to his family. When he did leave us he did not linger long in the hospital or any facilities. So I believe his simple lifestyle hacks  and lifelong willingness to explore his health and biology paid off!!

The first easy bio-hack I wish to explore with you is vitamin D……..

click the link below to read more about this awesome vitamin!




Dr. Katherine

Dr. Katherine Iacuone

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